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Novels similar to I Alone Level Up – Novels, you should read if you liked I Alone Level Up

Badass, amazing illustrations, solid plot, overpowering, smart, and spectacular are the words to describe I alone level up. It has a unique aura that draws you towards it. If you are looking to find a novel like I Alone Level Up, look no further, because you have arrived at your destination. At Asuralightnovel, we have compiled a few manhwas that will provide you with the same mind-blowing experience of I Alone Level Up. Make sure to read the article till the end to know everything about novels similar to I Alone Level Up.

All the novels mentioned below will have similar stories and main characters like I Alone Level Up but in different fantasies. As we all know, I Alone Level Up is one of the best novels/manhwas of all time, so it can be hard to fill such big shoes. So let’s go


It’s f**king similar to I Alone Level Up (Solo Leveling) ! This is the story of a necromancer who decides, after his triumph on the very inhospitable planet Alphene, to return to his world, on Earth, and more precisely to South Korea.
But everything does not go exactly as planned for him… The real ordeal is just beginning. Dungeons have appeared on Earth, and the invasion of a demonic army threatens to destroy humanity.
Will Kang Woojin find allies powerful enough to help him on his mission against beings from other planets?


Yu Ilhan is a drunk. Left to his own devices after the departure of his escorts on a school trip, forgotten by his parents on the highway, it is now the whole of humanity that has abandoned him. Alone, Yu Ilhan will have to adapt to a new way of life and wait for his return. But he will have plenty of time to do so… And when humanity returns, and the mana and monsters pour down to Earth, will he finally be visible to them?


Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother came back into his possession. Inside was a hidden diary that read, “By the time you hear this, I will already be dead…. “.


He was a drug addict, a loser, a despicable human being, but a fleeting dream that may not have been one awakened his once lost senses… Possessing a very unique ability, he would use it with the dream, to forge his way into a world now known as paradise lost.


This is the story of Randalph Brigsiel, a young demon who had attained the status of Demon Count, and who had risen against the 4 Grand Dukes of the demon world in order to become the “Devil”.

He failed and was hunted down until he was given another “chance” by a devil who had appropriated the name Death Bringer.

“Randalph. Randalph Brigsiel. I’m going to give you a chance. The last chance to be a devil! ”

“From now on, you are a player in a game I created of the destruction of this world. More land, more humans exterminated! Depending on the results, you might be able to become the Devil. If you become the strongest in the world of devils then you will be able to take over this glorious position. ”

But he had failed to become the Devil and was killed during the last war by the new Devil, Ariel Diablo. With his last breath, he cursed his existence.

“Is that all I did? In the end, I was just a stepping stone for the Devil? Damn it. If I had the chance one more time. Give me one more chance! ”

As he accepted death, a warm light that was the essence of the forgotten human gods covered him.

And he successfully returned to the past.


The “Lightning Magic Instruction Manual” has been consumed. Your understanding is very high]. [The 2nd Circle “Lightning” magic has been acquired.]
The unprecedented magician who will eat all the books in the world has appeared.


After a difficult and lonely childhood, life in an orphanage, and hard work to start a decent adult life, he finally managed to save and afford his first home! His goals are simple:
“I want a normal life, with a wife, kids, and a normal job. Yeah, even if it takes a few more years, I’m going to afford a life of luxury-”
AND BANG!?!? You’re a monster now, Sae-jin!
“W*f?! My life?!”


The year 2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, has changed the world. An Jaehyun is one of the many people who wanted to change his life through this game. In the end, he lost everything. But he was given a chance. A chance to start over! “I will never play with anyone again. Whatever happens, I’ll show them that I can do it alone.” This is the beginning of An Jaehyun’s life as a solo player.


Nie Yan is the protagonist of Rebirth of the Thief Who Wandered the World. His whole life fell apart after losing to Cao Xu, who made him lose everything important in his life. Including his love Xie Yao, his parents and his job.

When he saw no other option, he decided to take Cao Xu out of the sniper rifle. However, after killing Cao Xu, Cao Xu’s bodyguards shot him.

After that, he realizes that he is not dead, but reincarnated 10 years ago. He begins his adventure in this new life, where he will correct his old mistakes.


Have you ever seen a hunter with infinite mana? That’s me.

It’s been 40 years since the monsters began to appear in our world and with them, the Awakened. Min-Cheol thinks that life is unfair, comparing his life to that of the Awakened. After a fight with one of the Awakened Ones, he acquires an ability that allows him to have infinite mana.


When a failed VMMORPG player stumbles upon a legendary book during a quest that allows him to change classes, he immediately takes advantage of it. Attention players, the greatest of all blacksmiths is born! And he’s not planning to go unnoticed!

So this is Our selection of novels similar to I Alone Level Up. If there’s a lot of share we’ll provide you with another selection :).