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5 reasons why Sasuke should have been Naruto’s main character

It goes without saying that Naruto is one of the most iconic Shonen anime series of all time. The fact that it managed to keep us stuck even after the end of the main series should be a more than revealing indication of Naruto’s popularity. Although the quality of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is questionable, it is still enjoyable simply because of its familiar and endearing setting.

The main protagonist of the manga/anime is very much appreciated by the majority of fans, but there are still a few holdouts who are not completely convinced of Naruto’s position as the centerpiece of the series. Some even say that the series would have been much better if it focused more on Sasuke.

So let’s examine these arguments and highlight five reasons why Sasuke should have been the protagonist of Naruto

1. Sasuke is better : Powerful and gifted since birth :

Sasuke’s natural talent as an Uchiha is just extraordinary. As the only survivor of his clan – or so it was thought at the time – Sasuke was capable of using an incredibly powerful and effective ninjutsu, even though he was just a child.

Let’s be clear, we’re not saying that Sasuke didn’t need to make an effort to hone his skills, but having the endogenous predisposition to easily hone his abilities could have presented us with some enjoyable training sessions and so many exciting fights. In any case, a little more than what we got.

2. The story of sasuke: revenge

The character of Sasuke seduced us from the beginning, with an intense introduction that does not skimp on his personality and his pragmatic attitude. The fact that Sasuke was part of a once prosperous clan that was decimated by his own brother is a notion we would have liked to explore through his eyes.

3. Sasuke’s personality

Sasuke’s personality is incredibly mysterious and intriguing, with fans always being thrown off the scent when it comes to guessing what he’s up to. This was especially true after Sasuke defeated Itachi, as his motives became so hidden that no one could determine what he was really thinking.

However, one can assume that Sasuke’s intelligent, cold and calculating personality would have made him an intriguing protagonist. Just look at Dr. Stone’s Senku, who shares similar characteristics and is easily the best character in the show.

4. He is rational in his decision making

One thing Sasuke is to be praised for is his rational attitude when it comes to making important decisions. Whether it’s a simple choice to be made or a decision made in the heat of the moment, Sasuke would never think of anything completely wrong or illogical.

This personality trait could have made Sasuke an incredibly interesting main character, with an inner monologue that could rival that of intelligent characters like Light Yagami in terms of pure entertainment value.

5. It would have been cooler to focus on him :

Let’s face it, whatever can be said against Sasuke’s character, we can’t deny it, he’s terribly charismatic. Girls go crazy for him, most men aren’t worth much compared to him, and he’s just plain attractive.

Positioning Sasuke as the protagonist of Naruto would have completely changed the tone of the whole series and would have allowed fans to witness in more detail what could have been a great bow for the main character.