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5 enlightened fan theories about what the One Piece really is

Fans have never stopped speculating about the exact meaning of “One Piece” and this has given rise to some interesting (and some downright idiotic) theories.

What is One Piece? This critically acclaimed and hugely successful anime manga has been exploring this idea since the beginning of the series, when it seduced us with Gol D’s lively and passionate discourse. Roger. “My treasure? If you want it, you can have it. Go get it. I left it… right here. »

Since those famous last words, the world of One Piece has been ravaged by pirates in search of that famous treasure; and for over 20 years, no one has managed to get their hands on it. Over the years, there has been much speculation about what One Piece represents and how it relates to the quintessence of history. This list will look at the ideas of the fans themselves, while examining some of the most relevant (and some simply ridiculous) theories.

1. Relevant : these are the Ancient Weapons.

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Since the Alabasta Arch, the series has let us glimpse that there are three ancient weapons hidden in the world. Crocodile was searching for the great warship, Pluto, whose plans were in the possession of Franky’s master, Tom. Poseidon turned out to be Princess Shirahoshi of the kingdom of Ryugu, who, according to prophecy, would one day command all the kings of the world’s seas.

2. Ridiculous: it’s Luffy’s straw hat

Some crazy theories began to emerge when history revealed that the straw hat once belonged to Gol D. Roger, perhaps implying that he himself was his greatest treasure, or at least that he had some connection with the treasure before he entrusted it to Shanks.

This only became clearer when the series led us to discover a giant straw hat preserved in Im’s vault. Fans began to think that the straw hat itself could be the treasure, that it could be some kind of ancient crown, or even that it hid an important secret inside its red band.

3. Relevant : The origin of the devil’s fruit

Although very popular throughout history, the fruits of the devil remain one of the greatest mysteries of the series. It has been assumed that they had a connection with the devil and for this reason, users of the devil’s fruits cannot swim, as they have been cursed by the sea gods.

Scientists from the One Piece world have tried to demystify these legends, but have had little luck in unravelling their mysteries, although they have found a way to develop some failed copies of fruit with almost the same properties. Given the importance and mystery of these fruits in this world, some fans believe that the One Piece is at the very origin of all these demon fruits, perhaps even that the One Piece is a huge tree that grows them.

4. Relevant : its the destruction of Red Line

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Bringing together world peacemaking, ancient weapons and All Blue in one package leads some fans to believe that the One Piece could very well be a unified world. Using the ancient weapons, the Red Line section of the tunnels between All Seas and Grand Line could be destroyed.

This would connect each sea to the All Blue and the entire world to the One Piece. This would create unity, if not a better system of travel between the kingdoms, but it would also involve the destruction of Mary Geoise, the Holy Land of the Celestial Dragons, which may explain why the world government is so worried about people discovering this possibility.

One Piece is just a “Prank”

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This has always been a popular idea in memes. Once Luffy or someone else finally comes across the One Piece, they will find a note explaining that it was all a hoax or that the One Piece is just the first piece in a long series, so the whole adventure is just a hoax.

However, after the series revealed Roger’s reaction to Laugh Tale, people speculate even more that the One Piece itself could be just a big joke. This would be linked to the nickname Joy Boy, and some people have even started to think that Joy Boy himself was some kind of a former prankster. Anyway, there are a lot of fans who won’t be laughing at all if it’s true.