Asura Light Novel is a website that hosts the best novels of the moment and provides you with several tools to read your novel under the best conditions. The founder of Asura Light Novel created this website with the aim of allowing novels lovers to read novel without having to search for interesting novel. In his early days, the founder did not like to read, he preferred to watch anime, manga or watch movies and series. His childhood friend always told him to read novel because there were many that were interesting but had not yet been released as a manga or anime, but unfortunately he never listened to it.

One day, after finishing the manga Solo Leveling, he was so curious to know the sequel that he went to see the light novel. And that’s when he realized that reading novels could be more interesting than watching the manga. Since that day, he started looking at novels that his childhood friend recommended to him.

Years after he started reading novels, he suggested to his childhood friend to create a website that refers only to the best novels available. He knew so well the feeling of running out of manga and always wanted to know if manga was interesting. He therefore thought of creating a website and making available to novel lovers the most interesting novel available on the web.

We would also like to take advantage of your experience and share the most interesting novel with the world ! So don’t hesitate to contact us to suggest novels !

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