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5 best novels from manhwa you most read !

There is a lot of good manhwas that have light novel, and here is some that we recommand you to read in light novel.

Kill the hero novel

After he’s killed by the righteous leader of his own guild, Woojin gets a chance to start over. This time he’s not interested in saving the world from monsters—he’s got his sights set on revenge! His high-level kills quickly garner him notoriety among the game plebs, while boosting his stats as he masterminds his way closer to the top. But there’s something no one can figure out: whose side he’s playing for. Now that he knows how to play to win, Woojin will stop at nothing to destroy the hero!

Regressor Instruction Manual

[Will you join the game?] Giyoung’s suddenly thrown into a game of life and death. Not only that but he’s also the player with the lowest stats. Still, he’s got one skill on his side: the ability to read other players’ status! He finds the opportunity of his life when he discovers that Hyunsung is a returner to this world. Now all Giyoung has to do is stick next to Hyunsung and game his way out of this tutorial.

Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble

After witnessing the shocking death of his mother, young Airen Farreira uses sleep to escape his painful reality, earning him the nickname, “the lazy lord”. Yet, in spite of others’ jeers and whispers, Airen has no intention of changing his ways. But when he awakens one day from a dream about a mysterious swordsman, his life’s trajectory takes a complete turn…

Standard of Reincarnation

Despite having only one arm, Daven had finally proven his worth after defeating his cousin Kazin in honorable combat. But Kazin took advantage of Daven’s mercy, stabbing him in the back and imprisoning him for life. 500 years later, the minor god Yulian is reborn and unknowingly summons Daven’s soul into the body of a young boy named Vincent Adenka. As the pair work to reveal the truth of Daven and Kazin, Vincent must relearn the art of combat while Yulian discovers the art of reincarnation.

The Legend Of The Northern Blade

When the world was plunged into darkness, martial artists gathered to form the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’. With the help of the Northern Heavenly Sect, people began to enjoy peace again. However, as time passed, the martial artists began to conspire against the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’, and eventually caused the DEATH of the Sect Leader, Jin Kwan-Ho, destroying the sect with it. As everyone left the sect, Jin Kwan-Ho’s only son, Jin Mu-Won was left behind. Mu-Won has never learned martial arts, but he finds the Secret Techniques which are left behind by The Former Leaders and his Father and begins to acquire the Martial Arts of The Northern Heavenly Sect.